Vision Quest 2018

God Bless The Life!!!! I feel so blessed to still be here in Worship and Fellowship with My Church Family & Friends! I’m so looking forward to what lies ahead in this new year. So many wonderful opportunities; so much awesome potential!!! Are you ready to GO!!!! ☺️

Well, last night, I attended the Prayer Session at Second Ebenezer. While Bishop James William’s prayed one of the most inspiring, powerful, anointed prayers to God with us-The Spirit planted an action in my heart for The Life…

For the remainder of our 21 Day “Focus Fast”, it was laid on my heart that we should all present at our Focus Service a “Vision Quest Board”!!!

After all, if we are “Resetting our Focus”, shouldn’t we “see” what we have permission to “pursue”?

This is how it works:

“Vision Quest Board”

The Top of the Board should say, (ex.)

“Bishop Harris is pursuing in 2018…”

Now, the Vision Quest is listing at least 1 goal in each of our 8 Life Areas:


“Bishop Harris is pursuing in 2018

1) Humanity – A healthy mind by only feeding it clean food for wholesome thoughts…
2) Relationship – 3 healthy relationships with A) Confidant, B) Coach, C) Counselor…
Etc, etc…

After you’ve done this for each of the 8 Life Areas, you must then find something that shows or demonstrates what you said you are pursuing as a goal…

(Ex) For my Humanity goal, I might find a picture or pictures of a man listening to The Word of God, or a man whom I know is living blessed as a result of keeping his mind healthy by reading The Bible…

For my Relationship goal, I might put a picture of a man successful from a good relationship with a Confidant, Coach and a Counselor…

Now, you can either get these pictures from magazines, news papers, old books, web photos, stock pictures…or if you’re a pretty good artist, you can actually draw out what you’d like to see…

The whole idea, however, is that you “show” something that you can look at all year, and “envision” it so that you can “pursue” it! ☺️

Now, if you’d like to get help with your Vision Quest Board, you can meet PW and myself at The Church to help you with this…

These are the days and times:

Vision Quest Party!

Saturday, Jan. 13, 2018, 2-3:30 pm

Saturday, Jan. 20, 2018, 2-3:30 pm

Saturday, Jan. 27, 2018, 2-3:30 pm

What You’ll Need

  • Any kind of board, if  you’re new maybe start with a large poster board from the dollar store.
  • Tape, glue stick and/or push pins to fasten things to your board and scissors to cut out what you want on the board.
  • Markers, stickers, stars, glitter…anything you want to put on the board to decorate it.
  • Magazines, newspapers old books that you can cut images, quotes and letters from.
  • Anything you want on the board that will inspire you

Everyone can then bring your Vision Quest Board to our FOCUS Service on Jan. 31, @ 6 pm and be ready to share your enthusiasm as we all Praise God for giving us “THE PERMISSION TO PURSUE HIM AND HIS BLESSINGS!!!”

Now, for this to be a great success, we need the majority of our Membership to do it!
In Numbers Chapter 21, the people of Israel found themselves in trouble with the God yet again, due to their not recognizing God’s Blessings already rendered and murmuring against God!

The Lord took His Hedge of Protection from around them in the wilderness; and in that moment, all of the serpents that were being held out of Camps of Israel had free passage to come in and torment the people…

Moses went and prayed for the People of God. And what was God’s way of redemption? He gave them something to FOCUS on!!!

He told Moses make a stick out of brass and put the image of a serpent on it! And the people had to keep their eyes on it to live until God pushed the serpents away!!!

My point is that we need to “see” God and His Favor in order to “pursue God and His Favor! Let’s do it this year, Vision Quest Boards…LETS GO!!!

OH!!! Final Statement: It would be best if You are doing both The FOCUS Fast and The Vision Quest Board! But you don’t have to do one to do the other!

Bishop Daryl Harris

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